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Affiliated Faculty Members

Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. Confucius (551?-478? BC, Chinese philosopher and teacher)

teacher and blackboard International Studies Affiliated Faculty Members

One distinctive advantage of studying at SUNY Fredonia is that faculty - and not graduate students - teach all courses. Our faculty members have a vast experience in teaching, which is always supported by rigourous research and a diverse body of innovative scholarly work. Faculty members are talented individuals coming from different backgrounds and distinct areas of expertise in the social and natural sciences, humanities and the arts. In the classroom, instructors employ an array of pedagogical methods to facilitate the learning process and engage students in research projects.

MEET THE PROFESSORS!painting University of Bologna
  • Dr. Ruth Antosh, Modern Languages
  • Dr. John Arnolds, History
  • Dr. Alex Caviedes, Politics and International Affairs
  • Dr. Richard Jankowski, Politics and International Affairs
  • Dr. Eric Meringer, History
  • Dr. Carmen Rivera, Modern Languages
  • Dr. Chiara di Santi, Modern Languages
  • Dr. Ted Schawlbe, Communications
  • Dr. John Staples, History
  • Dr. Jackie Swansinger, History
  • Dr. Juan de Urda, Modern Languages
  • Dr. Ivani Vassoler-Froelich, Politics and International Affairs
Above, a depiction of the University of Bologna, Italy, the world's oldest university (By Laurentius de Voltolina, 14th Century)                            

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