Research and Learning

“The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.” Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929)

Why is research important?


Basically, people conduct research to acquire more knowledge of a field of study. At SUNY Fredonia, teaching is informed by research on a variety of disciplines conducted by experienced by faculty members. At the same time, we value, promote and support  student research to enhance the learning process. For students who plan to attend graduate school, undergraduate research provides an opportunity to test their academic interests and adds a relevant scholarly experience on their resumes, thus increasing their chances to be admitted in a graduate program.  Even students who plan careers outside academe benefit from understanding how knowledge is generated. Research is an important tool to support your learning process, as you obtain an in depth understanding of a topic of your interest; in addition,  research will help you to developing the skills needed to analyze data and communicate results. By conducting research under the supervision of a faculty member you can be compensated, either earning credits or points to be added to your grade.

Become familiar with research activities on campus:

the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR)

The Reed Library

Additional Research Resources for International Studies Students

Fulbright Programs: Study and Research Abroad

U.S. State Department

International Relations and Security Network

Books Online

The United Nations

The Organization of American States

The World Bank

The Union of Concerned Scientists

Foreign Policy Association

The Center for International Governance & Innovation

Institute for International Economics

The U.N. Human Rights Index


Apply your research and writing skills: submit a paper for publication in a student academic journal. Here some opportunities:


Journal of International Relations

Student Journal of Latin American Studies



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