Department´s Curriculum Map and Goals for Student Learning Outcomes

Curriculum Map: B.A. Degree French / Spanish (11/14/2011)

These goals are in alignment with ACTFL’s “Standards for Foreign Language Learning for the 21st Century” (Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities).

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

  1. Majors in F/S will be able to communicate in the language on a variety of topics. They will be able to communicate information, emotions, and opinions.       They will also be able to understand and interpret written and spoken communications and will be able to present information and ideas to others. (ACTFL “Communication” Standard)

Assessments: OPI, Oral Presentation, Analytical paper

  1. Majors in F/S will have an understanding of the relationship among the practices, products (both material and intellectual), and perspectives of the cultures of the French / Spanish speaking world. (ACTFL “Cultures” Standard)

Assessments: Oral Presentation, Analytical Paper,

  1. Majors in F/S will have an understanding of the nature of language and culture as compared to their own. (ACTFL “Comparisons” Standard)

Assessments: Interview with Native Speaker, Power Point Presentation about Study Abroad, specific assignments in courses such as phonetics, linguistics, stylistics, and translation.

  1. Majors in F/S will develop knowledge of other disciplines through the target language, and an understanding of the multiplicity of viewpoints only evident through the target language and its cultures. (ACTFL “Connections” Standard)

Assessments: Oral Presentation, specific assignments in “Culture and Civilization” courses

5.   Majors in F/S will be encouraged to engage in authentic language communities whether through study abroad programs, internships, or exchanges with native speakers. (ACTFL “Communities”Standard)

Assessments: PLER checklist, internships, power point presentation about Study Abroad


Course                       SLOs                         Course                      SLOs

FREN 315 or 316

1, 2, 4

SPAN 315

1, 2, 3, 4

FREN 317

1, 3

SPAN 313

1, 3

FREN 318

1, 3

SPAN 314

1, 3

FREN 423

1, 2, 4

SPAN 423

1, 2, 4

FREN 319

1, 2, 4

4 Literature courses

1, 2, 4

FREN 308 (421)


1 Language Course


FREN 424

1, 3

1 Culture Course

1, 2, 4


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