Inés Llorens´ visit

Former Local High School Graduate, now Director of School in Argentina, visits Fredonia

At the beginning of February, the Spanish Program received a visit from Inés Llorens, director of the ST. Mary School of English in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Inés´ connection to the area is a unique one as she came in an exchange program years ago and graduated from Chautauqua Lake Central High School.  She still has her “American” sisters in Mayville. 

During her three day visit to our campus, Inés made presentation to various Spanish classes such as the intermediate 216, the compositions, and the Advanced Conversation.  She taught Mario Benedetti´s short story, “El hombre que aprendió a ladrar” to students in SPAN 315 and about idioms and the Argentinian “vos” in the Phonetics class.  She also made a cultural presentation in an Honors seminar on politics of space where students were reading The Little School by Alicia Partnoy about the Dirty Wars in Argentina and met with a TESOL graduate class to discuss the challenges of teaching English in Argentina. 

Ines Llorens in class

The best part of her visit was the many opportunities students had to interact with Inés, not only in class but accompanying her to breakfast and lunch.  Jeralese Coney commented how different it is to carry on a casual conversation as opposed to “participating” in class where you are commenting about something specific.  Overall, students were very excited and honored by the opportunity of speaking with someone from such a different background. 

It was a short visit but Inés Llorens is planning to return next February to conduct some workshops on language and writing.  Moreover, we are also studying the possibilities for students in TESOL to do internships at her school.  Who would have thought that what started as a student exchange thirty years ago would result in some interesting initiatives between Buenos Aires and Fredonia!

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