Spanish in Action



SPAN 120 / SPAN 121


CCC  in One Semester

Spanish in Action combines online instruction and classroom work emphasizing speaking in context.  The course is five credit hours in which students can develop their language skills in an active and communicative manner while satisfying the CCC language requirement all in one semester.

  • For students with 2 years or more of high school Spanish and/or  students who scored high on the Regents Exam but not enough to pass it.
  • No prerequisites.
  • Students need to register for both classes and same sections (SPAN 120 AND SPAN 121).
  • Five credits total: 3 credits for SPAN 121 and 2 credits for SPAN 120, the online component.
  • No computer or equipment necessary, language lab available to do online work.
  • Satisfies CCC #3 Language requirement for both B.A. and B.S.
  • Students taking this course should register for 17 hours in case they need to drop it.
  • SPAN 115 is ONLY for students with no high school Spanish or less than two years of it.  Note that enrollment is by approval only (i.e. students need to meet with Dr. Rivera).  SPAN 116 is for B.A. students currently enrolled in SPAN 115. 

Any questions, contact:, Fenton 2113.

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