Lake Shore High School and Fredonia students connect on German

So what do some Lake Shore Sophomores and a group of SUNY Fredonia undergraduates have in common? Deutsch that’s what! These students share an interest and desire to learn German language.

German high school and Fredonia students

Recently students enrolled in German 3 at Lake Shore Sr. High School travelled to SUNY Fredonia for a presentation by the German 116 class there. Students in German 116 used their German language skills to make German cultural posters. Each poster told the story of some aspect of German culture. Topics ranged from Die Bundesliga (soccer) to Das Schulsystem (school system), Dichter und Denker (poets and thinkers) to Das Flugzeug (airplanes in German History). Each poster also had an activity that the visitors had to complete. This could only be done with information from the poster. Lake Shore students rotated from poster to poster, completing the activities and interacting with the College German students who hosted the event and provided information to their guests.

Following the presentation, Lake Shore students got a taste for College life in the dining area of the newly re-opened William’s Center and took a tour of the Campus with student ambassadors! As students rode home, more than one was heard to say “Ich will an der Uni Fredonia lernen”- or at least its English equivalent “I’d like to study at Fredonia”

Page modified 2/15/13