ITAL 115 & ITAL 116

ITAL 115 & ITAL 116


ITAL 115 (3 credits) is intended for students who have little or no knowledge of the Italian language. ITAL 116 (3 credits) is intended for students who completed Italian 115. In these courses the emphasis will be on the four language skills, namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking. One goal is to develop a competence at the elementary Italian level. Another goal of the courses is to gain some knowledge and understanding of Italy and its culture. The skills acquired from ITAL 115 are required for ITAL 116. The classes are conducted in Italian.


Textbooks/Lab Manual in use 


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Sample activities within ITAL 115 and ITAL 116



A PortfolioTrip to Italy” as the final project is required. Students choose a topic (arts, architecture, cities, food, music, opera, theater, politics, economy, soccer, etc.) to develop throughout the semester and they will present their portfolios to the class.

Student’s projects created in fall 2010 have been presented and displayed on campus during the event Homo sapiens, homo faber, homo ludens: Creativity as a Learning Strategyas part of the 2010-2011 Convocation on Creativity


Posting to a thematic blog is required. Five posts on five different themes are posted online by students of Italian:

Cultural activity through music

A group activity on music featuring Italian identities and stereotypes is organized during the semester


Present yourself to the class through a Podcast to be uploaded on iTunes U.

Diario (Journal)

A weekly one-page entry in Italian in a small-sized test booklet is required.


Thematic posts on Italy and its culture on the class’s group on Facebook are required of the students throughout the semester.  


Weekly posts in Italian on Twitter are required of students. 

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