Courses on Special Topics. Fall 2012.

This is a description of the Special Topics courses offered in the Fall 2012 semester:

INDS 225 Introduction to Latino History and Culture.

Instructor: Carmen Rivera

We will study the history of the Hispanic presence in the United States, their cultural contributions, and the sociopolitical issues related to the Latino population.  The course will be taught in English, but students can do the work in Spanish and have it count towards their major, minor, or concentration.


SPAN 423. Senior Seminar: Borges.

Instructor: Clark Zlotchew


SPAN 375. Themes in Literature: Literature from Equatorial Guinea.

Instructor: Juan De Urda

Equatorial Guinea is the only African country where Spanish is the official language. Besides, it has a short but intense history of dictatorships and exile. All together makes it a very interesting example to study post colonialism in the frame of the Hispanic world. In this course we will study the history and the literature of Equatorial Guinea put in context with the other African and Hispanic countries.


FRENCH 400. Women in French Canadian Literature.

Instructor: Aubrey Kubiak


FRENCH 380. French Drama in Practice.

Instructor: Cinthia Jones


FRENCH 400. French Adoloscence Literature.

Instructor: Ruth Antosh


FRENCH 423. Senior Seminar: Literature of Canada.

Instructor: Ruth Antosh

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