Fredonia Physics Alumni Progress Report

Name Program Fredonia Major Fred. Grad. Transferred Inst.
Specialization Current status

Abramo, Christopher (3-2) Physics 5/1/2007
RIT Mechanical Unknown. (01/08)

Cum Laude

Adams, James Geophysics 5/1/1985
Geologist with Unocal. (3/02)

Adams, Tadd (3-2) Physics 5/1/1990
U.B. Industrial Eng. M. Eng, Engineering Management from UB and M.S, Industrial Management

from Texas A&M. Employed as Network Engineer, Lucent Technologies (3/02)

Adelman, Timothy (3-2) Math-Physics 12/1/1987
Florida Inst. of Technology Ocean Eng. Nuclear engineer with the General Dynamics Co.-Electric Boat Div.

Agace, Stephen (3-2) Physics 8/1/1984
U. of Arizona Nuclear Eng. Nuclear engineer with Jacobs Engrg. Grp., Inc. (3/02)

Agarwal, Mannas Industrial Mgt 5/1/2007

Magna Cum Laude

Aiosa, Jeffrey Physics 5/1/1987
Technician with the Precision Filters Inc; formerly w/Porous Materials Inc.

Albone, Tammy (3-2) Physics 5/1/1986
RIT Electrical Eng. Software engineer with the Xerox Engrg. Systs. (3/02)

Summa Cum Laude

Amaha, Abraham Physics 5/1/1975
Chair, Department of Physics, Asmara University

Amberge, Eric (4-2) Physics 12/1/1983
U. of Ohio Electrical Eng. Manager-North East Region, Oracle Corp. (3/02)

Summa Cum Laude

Anderson, Ronald (3-2) Physics 5/1/1982
U.B. Aeronautical Eng. Unknown.

Anglin, Richard (3-2) Physics 8/1/1996
U.B. Mechanical Eng. unknown

Antalek, Brian Phys-SecEd 5/1/1988
Scientist, Eastman Kodak Co., Rsch. Labs. (3/02)

Magna Cum Laude

Antonucci, Deborah (3-2) Physics 5/1/1995
U.B. Electrical Eng. Rsch. Scientist, Ctr. For Advanced Info Processing, Rugers University. (5/02)

(Grove) Summa Cum Laude CES 1993 Summa Cum Laude

Arcoraci, David (3-2) Physics 5/1/1990
Tri-State Electrical Eng. Electrical engineer with Quick Eagle Networks (3/02)

Arndt, Phillip Physics 5/1/2011
Double major with Chem. Rcvd. MAT degree, SUNY Fredonia, 2012. (6/12)

Ashton, Gary Physics 5/1/1974
Colorado State Rcvd. Ph.D. in Physics from Colorado State. Has worked in Optics at Compaq,

Summa Cum Laude 3M, Imation, and HP(1/09)

Ashton, Lois Physics 5/1/1969
Physics teacher, Duvall County School Board (3/02)


Asklar, Michael (3-2) Physics 8/1/1993
U.B. Civil Eng. Civil Engr., CME Assocs. (3/02)

Averill, Rahland Physics 5/1/1967
Supv., Bechtel, I.n.e.l.l. (3/02)

Aycock, Dwayne (3-2) Physics 5/1/1988
Old Dominion Civil Eng. Civil engineer with the NYS Dept. of Transportation (3/02)

Bachman, Aaron Physics 5/1/1993
Rcvd. MS in Mechanical Engineering, UB(9/02). Engineer at Moog Inc. (1/03)

Cum Laude

Bailey, John Physics 12/1/1984
Project engineer with the Johnson Controls Co.

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