Name Program Fredonia Major Fred. Grad. Transferred Inst.
Specialization Current status

Smith, Nicholas Geophysics 8/1/1989
Sr. Proj. Geologist, Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc. (4/02)

Sokira, Christopher Industrial Mgt 5/1/1994
Unknown. (5/02)

Summa Cum Laude

Sommer, Francis (4-2) Physics 5/1/1982
U. of Texas at Austin Received M.S. in petroleum engineering from U. of Texas (May 1986).

Employed as a petroleum engineer with SOHIO Co.

Sorensen, Nils Phys-SecEd 5/1/1998
Unknown (5/02)

Soucheck, Richard Physics 5/1/2009

Spafford, Kenneth Phys-SecEd 5/1/1994
Rcvd. JD from Univ. of Arizona. Patent Lawyer, US District Court (11/02)

Speziale, Thomas Physics 5/1/1971
Deceased(12/10). Instructor, Eastern Idaho Technical College. Formerly

employed at EG&G and KMS Fusion.

Spina, James Physics 5/1/1982
Supt., Constellation Energy. (4/02)

Magna Cum Laude

Sponable, Dennis Geophysics 5/1/1986
Sr. Geophysicist, Research Solutions. (4/02)

Stack, Douglas Physics 5/1/1980
Physics Tchr., Cornwall Central HS. (4/02)

Starling, David Physics 6/1/2006
Rcvd. Ph.D. in physics fromUniv. of Rochester. Asst. Prof. Penn. State

Summa Cum Laude Hazelton

Staszak, Nicholas F. (3-2) Physics 5/1/2003
RIT Mechanical Eng. Employed with MOOG in East Aurora as of 1-19-07.

Cum Laude; HPCS 1998

States, Suzanne Math-Physics 5/1/1981
DB2, AIX Technical Spec., Systs. & Computer Technology. (4/02)

Stavropoulos, George Math-Physics 5/1/1982
Embedded Software Engr., ADC Telecommunications. (4/02)

Stear, Benjamin (3-2) Physics 5/1/1998
RIT Electrical Eng. Controls Engineer, Bausch and Lomb. Enrolled in Masters Program in

Cum Laude computer-aided manufacturing at RIT. (5/02)

Steffen, Elizabeth Physics 12/1/2011
Employed at Bird Technologies

Steiner, David Geophysics 12/1/1978
Ofc. Mgr. Maxim Technologies, Inc. (4/02)

Cum laude

Stockton, Keith Physics 5/1/2011
In MS program in Physics at Miami U., Ohio.

Stoddard, Brandon Phys-AdolEd 5/1/2013

Stoll, Jason Physics 5/1/1994
Unknown. (5/02)

Strandburg III, Alan 3-2 Physics 5/1/2005
RIT Mechanical Engineering

Strempel, John (3-2) Physics 5/1/1992
Syracuse Aerospace Eng. Mechanical Engr., Lockheed Martin. Formerly an engineer with the Pall Co.


Sturgis, Joel (3-2) Physics 5/1/1997
RIT Mechanical Eng. Unknown. (5/02)

Sudyn, Mark Physics 5/1/1984
Proj. Mgr., BCS Inc. (4/02)

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