Name Program Fredonia Major Fred. Grad. Transferred Inst.
Specialization Current status

Carpenter, David (3-2) Geophysics 12/1/1992
Clarkson Civil Eng. Unknown.

Carriero, Leonard (3-2) Physics 5/1/1994
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Engineer with Shaffstall Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Cum Laude

Carter, Brian (3-2) Physics 12/1/1993
Georgia Tech. Mechanical Eng. Unknown.

Caruso, Michael J. (3-2) Physics 5/1/2007
Binghamton Computer Eng.

Castellana, Edward Math-Phys-SecEd 5/1/1999
Texas A&M Chemistry Is a postdoc in chemistry working with Dr. David Russel doing mass

spectrometry at Texas A & M Univ. in College Station, TX (1/07)

Chambers, Cody Physics 5/1/2011
In graduate program at Embry Riddle

Magna Cum laude

Chan, Alexander (3-2) Physics 5/1/1990
U.B. Electrical Eng. Rcvd. ME Electrical Eng. UB. Associate Techincal Director, Broadcom Corp.


Chan, Choi (4-2) Physics 5/1/1978
U.B. Received master's degree in electrical engineering from U.B. (Dec 1979).

Cum Laude Employed as an electrical engineer with the Johnson Corp. in Minnesota.

Formerly employed with the General Electric Co.

Charles, Brian Phys-SecEd 5/1/1992
Columbia Univ. Secondary Science Ed. Development Engineer, ITT Corporation, Space Systems Division (4/2008)

Space Systems Division


Charsky, Andrew Physics 5/1/2012

Christian, David (3-2) Physics 5/1/1983
U.B. Electrical Eng. Dirctr. Desgn. Div., Weapons Sim. Dept., Naval Surf. Warfare Ctr. Rcvd.

MBA from Georgetown U. (92), Ph.D. Comp. Sci. G. Wash. U. (12) 4/13

Clapp, Robert (3-2) Physics 12/1/1980
Delaware Mechanical Eng. Engineer with Xerox Corp. (3/02)

Magna Cum Laude

Clark, Charles Geophysics 5/1/1986
Clarkson Industrial Dist. Field eng. With Dowell Schlumberger Co. (3/02)

Clark, Joseph C. (3-2) Physics 5/1/2003
RIT Mechanical Eng.

Cum Laude;HPCS 1999, CES

Cleason, Keith (3-2) Physics 12/1/1988
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Mechanical engineer with the Union Carbide Co.

Clifford, Gair Phys-SecEd 12/1/1970
Science Teacher. (3/02)

Clifford, Robert (3-2) Physics 12/1/1979
Syracuse Industrial Eng. Engineer with Exabyte Corp. Completed the Syracuse program in three

Magna Cum Laude semesters. (3/02)

Cokic, Fuad (3-2) Physics 12/1/1997
U. of Arizona Electrical Eng. unknown

HPCS 94, CES 95, Magna C. L.

Coleman, Bryan J. Industrial Mgt 5/1/2007

Colmerauer, Mark Geophysics 8/1/1992
Geologist, URS Corp. (3/02)

Conaway, Jerry (3-2) Physics 8/1/1993
RIT Mechanical Eng. Mechanical design engineer, GE Transportation Systs. (3/02)

Cook, Paul Physics 5/1/1971
Retired Physics teacher; Owner, Ebenezer Farm-Woodcraft-Antique Rep.


Cooke, Timothy (3-2) Physics 5/1/1997
U.B. Civil Eng. Structural Engineer with URS Greiner

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