Careers in Poltical Science

Fredonia Politics and International Affairs alumni are pursuing careers in law, journalism, the U.S. foreign service, public administration, personnel work in the private sector, Congressional and Presidential staff positions, sales, law enforcement (including the F.B.I.), the ministry, marketing, radio and TV broadcasting, consulting, secondary education and partisan politics.

A significant number of our graduates have gone on to graduate school at institutions such as SUNY-Albany, Cornell, Syracuse, SUNY-Binghampton, and George Washington Universities. Other students have gone on to law school at Syracuse, SUNY-Buffalo, Toledo, Ohio Northern, Georgetown, Duke, Case Western Reserve and Catholic University to name but a few.

The Career Development Office on campus offers a vast amount of resources, including career planning, job search and graduate school information.

The American Politics and International Affairs Association has extesive resources on careers for majors in Poltical Science

The Canadian Politics and International Affairs Association has electronically published a useful Career Guide for Politics and International Affairs students. While specifically aimed at Canadians, it is suggestive for students in the United States as well.

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