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Program for Students Enrolled Prior to Fall 2009

Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2009 may select the current program, or the program under which they enrolled.  Under the program prior to Fall 2009, students will take four foundational courses, at least seven upper division courses offered from across the discipline, and a senior capstone class. 

The four foundational courses are: American Politics, U.S. and World Affairs, Statistics, and Research Methods.  

Upper division coursework in is available in five areas:

* American Politics and Government
* Public Law and Policy
* Comparative Politics
* International Relations
* Political Theory

Students will take at least seven upper division courses in these five areas. This must include at least one course from each of the five areas, as well as a second course in Comparative Politics. At least one of the courses in Comparative politics must be Non-Western.

The Senior Capstone course involves research in an area of the students own choosing. You will have the chance to study an area of politics in depth, and comment on the dynamics of the politics in your issue area, and shed light on causes of the political events you identify. In the capstone course you will have the opportunity to bring the wealth of knowledge you have gained into the area of politics you find most interesting.
Students who entered the program before Fall 2005 may elect to take a program of study in effect at the time of their enrollment.  Information on that program sequence of courses can be found in the college catalog in effect at the time of their admission.

For more details, please see your adviser.

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