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Psychology Department
Research Participation

Research Participation

The foundation on which psychology stands is a large body of research. All areas of psychology draw heavily from research, but there is much more to learn. Research is currently being conducted here at SUNY Fredonia, and students may participate in the research. Participation gives students an opportunity to see how psychological research is actually conducted.

All studies are approved by a university ethics committee before students participate. Participation is completely voluntary. Any concerns about research should be directed to 1) the researcher in charge of the study, 2) the research participation administrator, Dr. Joseph McFall, or 3) the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, Sponsored Research and Faculty Development (Dr. Judith Horowitz).

Sign up for all research using the Research Participation Website. Our research participation website is operated by Sona Systems, so you will see that name on documents that show you how to use the research website, and also on the links that take you there. The fastest way to get to the sign-up website is to click on the Research Sign-up link on the left navigation menu on any Psych Department webpage (you can even bookmark this link if you want even faster access). This link is titled Research Sign-up (Sona Systems). You will also see this link on the right navigation menu off of the research homepage. Both links take you to the same place.

There is a detailed guide on how to use the Sona Systems research management system that you can download for more detailed information.

New research opportunities will be posted on the site as they arise during the semester. After completing studies, be sure to obtain and keep your participation receipt.


Cancellations are made using the My Schedule/Credits tab in the Research participation (Sona Systems) website. In the event that you need to miss an experiment and cannot access the internet, call the Psychology Department secretary (673-3129) in advance.

Students Under 18

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in research. Students under 18 can earn extra credit by completing an article summary.


If you have more questions, first check our Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If your question is not answered there, please e-mail the research participation administrator, Dr. Joseph McFall (

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