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Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen

Dr. Andrea A. Zevenbergen

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Most of my research falls into the broad area of parent-child interactions. For example, I study parental educational interactions with preschoolers and effective parental discipline behaviors.   I enjoy collaborating with students on research; together, we plan studies, collect and analyze data, and prepare presentations based on the research findings.


My teaching interests include courses in child psychopathology, theories of psychotherapy, and counseling. I also frequently serve as the department Internship Coordinator. Students may participate in a wide variety of internships, including school counseling, clinical psychology, human resources, counseling with incarcerated individuals, domestic violence, health and wellness, and school psychology.

Department and University Service

In the department, I update the department webpages and am the Chair of the Search Committee and Internship Committee.  I am also the department representative to the University Senate.  

Selected Student - Faculty Collaborations

Jemiolo, S., & Zevenbergen, A. (2013, April).  Factors related to gains from a parent-child shared reading program.  Presentation at the Western Pennsylvania Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Meadville, PA. 

VanBergen, A., Zevenbergen, A., & Welch, A. (2013, March).  Parent-child dialogic reading and its effects on at-risk preschoolers.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Paiko, L., & Zevenbergen, A. (2012, April).  A reading intervention for preschoolers with ADHD symptoms.  Poster session presented at the Western Pennsylvania Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Edinboro, PA. 

Zevenbergen, A. A., Holmes, A., Haman, E., & Johnston-Robledo, I. (2011, August).  Variability in mothers' support for preschoolers' contributions to co-constructed narratives as a function of child age.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Zevenbergen, A., Haman, E., Pilat, J., & Potkowa, S. (2011, July).  Language specificity in the production of derivations and compounds in Polish and American English-speaking preschool children.  Poster session presented at the XII International Congress for the Study of Child Language, Montreal. 

Zevenbergen, A. A., & Ryan, M. M. (2010).  Gender differences in the relationship between attention problems and expressive language and emerging academic skills in preschool-aged children.  Early Childhood Development and Care, 180, 1337-1348.     

Lachner, W. M., Zevenbergen, A. A., & Zevenbergen, J. A. (2008).  Parent and child references to letters during alphabet reading:  Relations to child age and letter name knowledge.  Early Education and Development, 19, 1 - 19. 


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