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Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen

Dr. Andrea A. Zevenbergen

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Most of my research falls into the broad area of parent-child interactions. For example, I study parental educational interactions with preschoolers and effective parental discipline behaviors.   I enjoy collaborating with students on research; together, we plan studies, collect and analyze data, and prepare presentations based on the research findings.


My teaching interests include courses in child psychopathology, theories of psychotherapy, and counseling. I also frequently serve as the department Internship Coordinator. Students may participate in a wide variety of internships, including school counseling, clinical psychology, human resources, counseling with incarcerated individuals, domestic violence, health and wellness, and school psychology. I also frequently supervise students in service learning projects. 

Department and University Service

In the department, I serve on the Recruitment and Internship Committees.  I am also the department representative to the University Senate.  

Selected Student - Faculty Collaborations

Boyle, L., & Zevenbergen, A. (2014, May).  Vocabulary change in preschoolers related to when dialogic reading occurs.  Poster presented at the 16th annual Student Research and Creativity Exposition, Fredonia, NY. 

Smith, K., & Zevenbergen, A. (2014, May).  White privilege awareness in freshman undergraduate students in relation to their attitudes and behavior toward others.  Poster presented at the 16th annual Student Research and Creativity Exposition, Fredonia, NY.  

VanBergen, A., Zevenbergen, A., & Welch, A. (2013, March).  Parent-child dialogic reading and its effects on at-risk preschoolers.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Zevenbergen, A. A., Holmes, A., Haman, E., & Johnston-Robledo, I. (2011, August).  Variability in mothers' support for preschoolers' contributions to co-constructed narratives as a function of child age.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Zevenbergen, A., Haman, E., Pilat, J., & Potkowa, S. (2011, July).  Language specificity in the production of derivations and compounds in Polish and American English-speaking preschool children.  Poster session presented at the XII International Congress for the Study of Child Language, Montreal. 

Zevenbergen, A. A., & Ryan, M. M. (2010).  Gender differences in the relationship between attention problems and expressive language and emerging academic skills in preschool-aged children.  Early Childhood Development and Care, 180, 1337-1348.   

Lachner, W. M., Zevenbergen, A. A., & Zevenbergen, J. A. (2008).  Parent and child references to letters during alphabet reading:  Relations to child age and letter name knowledge.  Early Education and Development, 19, 1 - 19. 


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