Masters of Arts in Teaching

grad class 2009

Dr. Lawson (on far left) and Dr. Lesniak (blue gown) with MAT Grads

Program Purpose

This masters program is intended for students who have earned a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, geosciences, or physics (or equivalent) and who wish to earn a certificate to teach in grades 7-12 in NYS public schools. This accelerated (15 month) program will provide all of the required course work, field experiences and student teaching as well as selected courses in the content areas so that graduates will be eligible for both initial and professional certification in the science discipline in their first degree. This provides an opportunity to fulfill a regional need for qualified science teachers from nontraditional sources such as content majors or individuals considering a second career.

Program Requirements

Pedagogical Core
EDU 502 Psychology of Adolescence 3
EDU 508 Teaching Diverse Learners in Inclusive Settings 3
EDU 301 Child Abuse and Neglect 1
EDU 302 Drugs and Alcohol 1
EDU 303 Fire Safety and Violence Prevention 1

EDU 536 Adolescent Literature and Technology 3
one of the following other courses 3
EDU 506 - Introduction to Literacy Learning
EDU 586 - Content Area Literacy
EDU 587 Psychological Foundations of Literacy

SCED 560 The Teaching of Science to Adolescent Learners* 4*
SCED 660 Developing Expertise in Science Teaching* 4*
SCED 680 Inquiry into Science Teaching in Context 3

BIO, CHEM, GEO, PHY, SCI, SCED electives, upon advisement 6

Supervised Teaching
SCED 670 Student Teaching: Middle School 6
SCED 671 Student Teaching: High School 6

Total Hours for Degree 44

 *50 hrs of field experience (meeting the 100 hr state requirement before student teaching)

Admission to the Program – Admission requirements and more information may be found at the Graduate Studies web site.

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