Master Syllabi

The master syllabus for each course includes information to help you understand the course and the course material more completely. The course outline sections make good study guides for tests. Bibliographies provide sources that may help you find information to increase your knowledge and understanding of a particular topic. Click the course titles below to access an individual master syllabus.

(Currently, syllabi web links are being updated - please check back soon. Thanks.)

SOC 218: Introduction to Social Work

SOC 272: Exploring Community-Based Social Work

SOCW 249: Social Welfare Institutions

SOCW 325: Social Work Practice Methods I: Theory for Practice

SOCW 340: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

SOCW 341: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

SOCW 370: Social Work Practice Methods II

SOCW 390: Social Work Practice Methods III: Advanced Practice

SOCW 400: Social Work Practice Methods IV

SOCW 480: Field Practicum I

SOCW 485: Field Practicum I with Seminar

SOCW 490: Field Practicum II

SOCW 495: Field Practicum II with Seminar

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