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Bertha Reynolds, one of the legendary social worker of the 1930s and 40s, wrote, ‘There is a certain fascination in contemplating what the world looks like to an ant hurrying about its business in a forest of meadow grass. While we humans assume that we know all that is important, missing meantime the teeming life of the soil of the meadow; it is an adventure to let our imagination range about as if we were indeed ants.’

People sharing and trusting their little piece of meadow with you is the beauty of social work. The world view created while engaged in helping people has a depth that might otherwise be lacking, given our individual experiences alone. This quality of the profession is what attracted me to it and makes me want to share the experience with others. The pictures social workers see are not always pretty, but the wisdom we gain and share is a privilege and well worth the effort.

  • Ph.D. University of Illinois
  • M.S.W. SUNY Buffalo
  • B.A. Canisius College

Courses Taught

  • Social Work Methods 1
  • Social Work Methods 2
  • Social Work Institutions


Research Interests
  • Social Work Education
  • Social Welfare  Policy
  • Health Care Practice
  • Historical Research Methodology
  • Environmental Contexts of
    Social Work Practice

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