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Students Graduated with a Minor in Italian Studies




Gina Lanfranchi. My name is Gina Lanfranchi, and I am a French Adolescence Education major with an Italian Studies Minor. I have always been curious about my Italian American roots, so I took Italian 115 my freshman year at Fredonia and I fell in love with the language—being a French major, I thought a minor in Italian would be a perfect pairing.  College is a safe place for self-discovery and for the longest time I did not know what made me, as an Italian American, different from those who did not identify as Italian American. I wanted to study the language, the culture, and the history of Italy in the hopes of better understanding where I came from and in turn, who I am.




Nicole Ceppaglia. I graduated in May 2013 with a B.S in Communication Diorders and Sciences and a minor in Italian studies. I am currently enrolled in SUNY Fredonia's graduate program for Speech Pathology. I am beyond happy I chose to minor in Italian Studies during my undergraduate years. Being Italian has been a passion of mine since I was first able to understand what it meant. Studying Italian with Chiara De Santi brought to me an even greater understanding of the true beauty of the culture my family comes from. Connecting with adults and other students on campus that share my passion of everything Italian helped to make my first fours of college at SUNY Fredonia some of the most memorable times of my life!


Noelle Panepento. Noelle Panepento, one of the first to graduate with an Italian Studies minor, took interest in Italian culture because of her family’s heritage. Growing up around Italian traditions, Panepento wanted to develop a better understanding of the country and language as an homage to her ancestors. Panepento performed an in depth study of the massaia, the transformation of the Italian housewife’s role in their culture, cross examining it to America’s own iconic 1950s housewife role and booming consumerism. Panepento continued her minor abroad in Florence, Italy, attending La Accademia Italiana della Moda in Spring 2013. “The trip was an unreal experience. Being immersed in any culture for such a long period of time is really eye opening, and completely beneficial. I entered Florence a foreigner with no sense of direction and very broken Italian, and I left as a Florentine, navigating the City as my own and speaking the language with much more ease. It was brilliant.” Upon her return, Panepento graduated with a B.S. in Music Industry. She will be moving to Nashville in the fall to begin work as a Tour Manager for a country music artist.






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