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Anton V. Agafonov, Russian

Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia, M.A.
Agafonov picture
Fenton Hall, Room 2137
(716) 673-3833

Dr. Ruth Antosh
  • Ruth B. Antosh, French
    Indiana University, Ph. D.

Fenton Hall, Room 2117
(716) 673-3832

Areas of specialization:

Canadian Studies, Quebec Studies, Nineteenth-Century

French Literature

Chiara di santi picture

Chiara De Santi, Italian

Visiting Assistant Professor

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. (Italian)

European University Institute, Ph.D. (History)

Laurea (M.A. equivalent) in Modern Languages & Literatures, University of Florence-Italy

Areas of specialization:

Modern Italian Literature, Italian Culture and Cinema, Italian as a Second Language, History.

Fenton Hall, Room 2104

(716) 673-4496

Personal website:

  • Juan Antonio De Urda Anguita
  • Chair of the Department


Associate Professor
University of Missouri-Columbia, PhD

Fenton Hall, Room 2113
(716) 673-3380

Areas of specialization:
20th Century Peninsular Literature, Spanish Poetry.

de urda pictura

Kate Douglass

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in French with a concentration in Second/Foreign Language Acquisition Theory, Research, and Pedagogy The Pennsylvania State University

Fenton Hall, Room 2118
(716) 673-4869

Research Interests:

Foreign Language Acquisition and Pedagogy, Motivation and Language Development, Study Abroad, Telecollaboration, Blogs and other New Technologies, Language Awareness, Immersion Schooling, Language Choice


Jeanette M. Ellian

Lecturer of Spanish

Indiana University, M.A.

Specialization: Second Language Acquisition

ellian picture
  • Beth Huerta, Spanish
  • Visiting Assistant Professor


State University of New York at Buffalo, PhD

Fenton Hall, Room 2119
(716) 673-4683

Areas of specialization:

Bilingual Studies, Learning and Instruction, Spanish Linguistics

  • huertas picture

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carmen rivera photograph

Carmen S. Rivera

Professor of Spanish

 University of South Carolina, Ph.D.

Fenton 285                  Telephone 673-4494

 Specialization: Latino literature, Puerto Rican Literature, Issues of Space and Literature, Transnational studies and Literature of migration.  Publications include the book, Kissing the Mango Tree: Puerto Rican Women Rewriting American Literature (2002). 

  • Clark M. Zlotchew, Spanish

    Distinguished Teaching Professor

  • State University of New York at Binghamton, Ph. D.

SUNY Faculty Ex­change Scholar 12-1-87

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1988

Kasling Lecturer, 1992

Fenton Hall, Room 2120
(716) 673-3836

Areas of specialization:

Jorge Luis Borges, 20th century Spanish-American Fiction, Galdos & 19th century Spanish Fiction, Medieval Spanish Literature, Literary Translation, Spanish Linguistics & Dialectology, Literary Interview.

Dr. Zlotchew has had over 15 books published.   A sampling of these books are:

 Varieties of Magic Realism, 2007.

  Spanish at Your Fingertips, 2007.

  Alpha Teach Yourself Spanish in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition, 2004. 

 Voices of the River Plate:  Interviews with Writers of Argentina and Uruguay,  1995.

 Libido into Literature:  The “Primera Epoca” of Benito Pérez Galdós, 1993.

 Estilo literario: Análisis y creación , 1990.

 Dr. Clark Zlotchew



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