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Latino Studies

Latino Studies

“de la clase a la calle”

The Latino Studies is an exciting interdisciplinary minor that takes you “from the classroom discussion to the realities in the streets of our diverse communities”. The program provides an overview of the historical, political, social, educational, economic and cultural developments that affect Latinos in the Americas. “Latino” has been defined broadly to include people of Latin American background who reside in the U.S., where they are the fastest growing ethnic population. At a time when “globalization” and “immigration” have become part of everyday political and social discourse, students gain an understanding of the complex dynamics of transnational communities and transculturation.

A minor in Latino Studies paves the road for careers in government, legislation, international organizations, international business and marketing, immigration laws, land management, urban planning, counseling and social work, the media and many other fields.

The following courses count towards the minor:

AMST 202, AMST 296, ANTH 324, HIST 282, HIST 359/WOST 359, LANG 327, POLI 371, SOC 303, SPAN 313, and SPAN 314.

Are you taking any of these?



For more information, contact Jennifer Hildebrand, Coordinator of Latino Studies Program, at

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