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  students being inducted to Sigma Delta Pi

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Sigma Delta Pi

Click here to see some pictures of the Sigma Delta Pi 2008 induction.

Click here to see pictures of the Sigma Delta Pi 2010 induction.

Click here to see pictures of the Sigma Delta Pi 2013 induction.

For more information, please contact Dr. Carmen Rivera (


Latinos Unidos

Latinos Unidos (LU) promotes a feeling of unity and pride among ALL students, focusing on improving their cultural and social development. It also increases Latino awareness within the campus community, providing the student body with important knowledge of Latino culture.

Some of the major events for LU include: guest lecturers, artisans, dancers, poets and musicians each semester, and organize the annual campus "La Fiesta," and other events, including National Hispanic Heritage Month, La Tomatina, etc.

Latinos Unidos is open to all students. You don't have to be Hispanic, you don't even have to speak Spanish, you just have to be open having a great time, and learning new things! The office is located in the Center for Multicultural Affairs in Thompson E125.

Executive Board Members:

   President: Makayla Santiago
   Vice President/Webmaster: Cody Castro
   Treasurer: Fei Wei
   Vice Treasurer: Alan Martinez
   Secretary: William Webber
   Activities Chair/M.A.A.B.* Representative: Nathalie Guzman
   Publicity Chair: Tamiko Orasio
   Historian/Language Chair: Maria Nuñez
   Student Association Representative: Rachel Fischer
   Advisor: Dr. Carmen Rivera

LU's Social Media Networks


     Facebook: Latinos Unidos LU

For more information, please contact Makayla Santiago at

*M.A.A.B. - Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board


L'Alliance Des Amis Français (French Club)

The French Club is open to all interested students and hosts a variety of activities: evenings for the sharing of students experiences abroad and participation in overseas programs.; viewing and discussion of popular French films; and the opportunity to meet with other students interested in speaking French. The club has also organized trips to Québec Cty, Québec, Canada.

Executive Board Members:

      President: Will Webber
      Vice President: Katelyn Perry
      Treasurer: Gina Lanfranchi
      Secretary: Rita Cain
      Advisor: Dr. Ruth Antosh

French Club's Social Media Networks

     Facebook: SUNY Fredonia French Club

For more information, please contact Will Webber at

National French Honor Society

Pi Delta Phi, Epsilon Rho Chapter

  • To stimulate and encourage cultural activities that will lead to a deeper appreciation of France and its people.
  • To increase the knowledge and admiration of Americans for French contribution to world culture
  • To recognize outstanding scholarship in French language and literature.

Membership is open to all students who have completed five French courses with at least a B average.

Initiation that took place on April 30th 2013.



 Unione Italiana (Italian Club)

This is a group of SUNY Fredonia students that are interested in Italian culture. We are a new acknowledged SA group on campus and planning on making this semester fun with Italian events!

So, check us out and tell your friends! You DO NOT have to be Italian to join!!!

Executive Board Members:

     Co-President: Gina Lanfranchi
     Co-President:Nicole Ceppaglia
     Vice President:Roothland Medina
     Secretary:Angelina Modica
     Publicity Chair: Giovanna Ruggiero
     Treasurer: Jeremy Wilner
     Advisor: Dr. Chiara DeSanti

Unione Italiana's Social Media Networks

     Facebook: Unione Italiana di Fredonia

 For more information, please contact Gina Lanfranchi at


Foreign Language Scholarship

The Thomas Goetz/Robert Rie Modern Language Scholarships are awarded each year to a number of upper level undergraduate foreign language majors who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and are recommended by the foreign language staff to the chairperson of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Financially these are very modest amounts, but very important to students for the recognition they bring to them for their personal achievements in the learning of a foreign language.


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