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Euchre Tuesdays   

Who: You! You are cordially invited to the EAP sponsored Wellness opportunity available to all SUNY Fredonia Employees.

What:  A great opportunity to meet with friends and take part in some fun over the lunch hour.   Bring a deck of cards and your lunch.  Sit and enjoy.

When: Tuesdays from noon to 1pm.

Where:  Williams Center Room G103A

Why: You work hard.  Take some time away from your desk to catch up with friends, unplug and relax.

Come join us.

Tuesdays on Time 

Who:  You!

What: A wellness opportunity to learn more about effective ways to manage your time.

When: Feb. 4, March 4, April 1st and May 6th

Where: Horizon Room West (note- organizational meeting is in the PDC Bonsai Room) 

Why: Our best resources can be each other.  Join us and learn effective time management strategies to help you make the most of every day!


The berries are picked and in the freezer.  Don’t let them freezer burn!  Help them meet their wonderful healthy destiny!  It’s time for the berries to unite!!!

Who: YOU!

What:  Smoothie Day!

When: April 30 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Where:  Williams Center - Room G103C

Why:  This is an opportunity to try a smoothie and see what all the talk is about!  We will have 3 kinds of smoothies with nutritional information available and recipes to take home with you!  Please feel free to bring your favorite recipe and I will compose an UNCOOK book for those interested in making a smoothie a daily meal!

UFO (Unfinished Objects) Fridays!

Who: You!

What: An opportunity to visit with friends while creating something or watching others create something with their own two hands.  Bring any portable craft that you would like to work on!

When: Every Friday Spring Semester 2014

Where:  The Tower Lounge, 4th floor Reed Library

Why:  Using your creativity is not only fun, it's good for you too!

The Olympic Experience

Who: You!

What: A Wellness activity using the Winter Olympic Games as the focal point!  More details to follow.

When: This is a statewide EAP Wellness Challenge.  All SUNY schools are invited to participate during the winter Olympics Feb. 7th -23rd.

Where:  All over the state of New York!  Be a part of it!  Details coming soon!

Why:  It’s a great excuse to do something good for you!  Healthy competition can be very motivational!

 Stealth Health Meals

Who:  You! 

What:  A wellness opportunity aimed at helping employees make healthy food choices with offerings available in the Cranston Dining Hall. 

When:  Weekly. Dean Messina, Exercise Science graduate student Michael DiCenzo and I will be putting together a menu of healthy options with a “Stealth Health” meal of the week which will be highlighted and available starting in the spring sememster (2014) in Cranston Dining Hall.  Nutritional information will be available for each meal and will go into a binder kept in the dining hall for your reference.  Michael will have the opportunity to research caloric information and nutritional breakdown of “Stealth Health” meal options and will also work on promoting this for faculty and staff on campus.

Where:  Cranston Dining Hall

Why:  Healthy Eating is a behavior that is carried out well with motivation, encouragement and helpful information.  Eat Stealth!  Be Stealth!  Live Stealth!

The choice is yours.

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