What's Happening This Week in Wellness

This Week in Wellness-


When you think about starting a Wellness/Fitness program, keep in mind that the mountain you may see in front of you is meant to be climed one step at a time.  It's not meant to be done all at once.  You would miss the greatness of your journey.  You can do it!  Take the first step.

Below are some weekly opportunities for wellness on campus.  Please check the Fredonia Blue Devils website for information about any schedule changes.


  • Monday Meditation in the Tower Lounge with Carolyn Grady from 12-1pm (during fall/spring semesters)
  • Racquetball pickup games @ Dod's Hall (see times for Blue Devils Fitness Center)
  • Basketball pickup games @ Dod's Hall Tuesday - Thursday 12-1:30pm
  • Open Swim @ Natatorium Monday - Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday 11am-5pm.  Closed weekends and holidays.
  • Fitness Center (Lower level Dod's Hall basement) closed for the summer
  • New Fitness Center (Dod's Hall First Floor) Monday - Friday 10am-5pm.  Closed weekends.

“We envision our hunter-gatherer ancestors as brutes who relied primarily on physical prowess, but to survive over the long haul they had to use their smarts to find and store food. The relationship between food, physical activity, and learning is hardwired into the brain’s circuitry. But we no longer hunt and gather, and that’s a problem. The sedentary character of modern life is a disruption of our nature, and it poses one of the biggest threats to our continued survival.”

“I often tell my patients that the point of exercise is to build and condition the brain.”

John J. Ratey, SPARK

We know that we feel better when we get up and move. So why don’t we? The answers range from “I have too many deadlines” to “I don’t want to.” Regardless of the reason, ask yourself if it’s more important than your health.

It’s not.

Without dredging up statistics, let’s just say there's more than enough research out there to solidify the rationale for fitness of both body and mind. When the body starts moving, more blood gets to the brain, the mind is more efficient and work is more productive.  Not to mention, you'll feel refreshed and reap heart healthy benefits as well as countless others!  If you are sitting at your desk through lunch, chances are you’d accomplish just as much or more if you made time to get out of the office, get some fresh air, challenge your body and spend valuable social time making connections with colleagues!

The Employee Assistance Program was founded on the idea that you are more than just a worker. You are a living breathing human with a body and mind in need of care. SUNY Fredonia EAP acknowledges all that you do for the University and would like to increase your awareness of fitness opportunities throughout the upcoming year.

Please take time for yourself. You are worth it.


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