Community Service

 Fall 2013 - Litter Pick Up - 9/11 National Day of Service    “Beautify the Campus Woodlot/Help Pick up Litter” is the EDP-sponsored community service project.  It is designed to pick up litter in the campus woods, known as Forever Wild, and the surrounding areas. Volunteers include not just EDP students but also faculty, staff, community members, and student groups such as women’s rugby players and Brother-to-Brother members.  All names are entered for a prize drawing for an FSA gifts card and are sent to Volunteer and Community Services to receive official credit. 

      Volunteers meet at the four-way intersection of Ring Road and Symphony Circle  Plastic gloves and garbage bags are provided.

       Thanks go to Fredonia's Facilities Service/Grounds Crew for pickSeptember 2012 - The woods are now clean!!up of the trash Fredonia's Facilities Service/Grounds Crew helps haul away the litter.bags.  Dr. Michael Jabot/Sci Edu said  "hopefully this experience will be a ripple effect on the participants because they will now be more aware of litter/littering and will not let friends litter."

     Spring semester's litter pick up is during Earth Week (mid-April) and fall semester's litter pick up is on September 11, national day of service.

     The next litter pick-up will be:     
          Wednesday, April 23,  3:30 pm - During 2014 Earth Week
          Meet at the campus woodlot near the four-way intersection of Ring Road and Symphony Circle
          Rain date is Thursday, April 24, 3:30.
September 2012 - Students get their gloves and bags and directions about where to go in the woods to pick up litter.

 September 2011 - A total of 8 garbage bags of trash was collected.






Past litter pick-ups:April 2012 Litter Pick Up
09/26/11 - see related article in the 9/19/11 Campus Report
04/17/12 - during 2012 Earth Week
09/11/12 - during President Horvath's "Inaugural Day of Service"        
04/17/13 - during 2013 Earth Week
09/11/13 - National Day of Service


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