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Student Spotlight - EDP VOLUNTEER

An Exceptional, Dependable, Persistent Volunteer

In fall semester, 2010, EDP and SUNY Fredonia welcomed a quiet, focused, and modest young man, who always had a wonderful smile on his face, Mr. Kenneth Dawson, Sport Management major/Business Administration minor. The staff could tell right from the start that this was a student who was determined to succeed, despite finding himself so far away from home on the complete opposite side of New York State.        Kenneth Dawson

Hailing from Poughkeepsie, New York, Kenneth came to Fredonia quite by chance. When asked why he chose to be here, he said, “During the time that I was completing applications for different colleges, SUNY Fredonia was not a university that crossed my mind. I became aware of its existence during my senior year of high school when my tutor for the SAT test informed me about how her previous client had enrolled at this school and enjoyed his experience.”

After being accepted, he came to campus during Multi-Cultural Weekend in order to find out more about the school and also to get a glimpse of college life. Needless to say, he was impressed by the positive atmosphere and the educational offerings. He was extremely interested in our Sport Management Program from the start, as he intended to assist his father who conducts an AAU basketball program back home. “My dad impacts many lives in the community with his organization and I’m inspired to help him with the knowledge I’ve obtained from my studies pertaining to the sport industry.”

When asked about how SUNY Fredonia has influenced his life he said: “Overall, I believe that my experiences at Fredonia have helped me to improve as a person with positive attributes.” His personal improvement included increasing commitment to different causes. He became a super volunteer! He has consistently volunteered at the Campus and Community Children’s Center and the Boys and Girls Club in Dunkirk, New York, where his steady dedication has resulted in a paid, credit-bearing internship this semester.

Graciously, Kenneth attributes his motivation to explore the variety of opportunities that our campus offers to EDP: “Prior to college, I was the type of person who was apprehensive about trying new activities and engaging in unfamiliar experiences. EDP put such a major emphasis on the need to make the most out of a college life that it inspired me to get out of my shell.”

As graduation approaches, Kenneth is not completely sure about what he wants to do career-wise, however he did state that “one of the things that I will do is fulfill my mission of helping my father out with his organization using my newly-found knowledge of the sport industry.”

The EDP staff has no doubt that he will reach and exceed whatever goals he sets for himself and wish him success in any endeavor(s) he may choose. He is our Exceptional, Dependable, Persistent Volunteer!


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