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Student Spotlight - Spring 2011

This issue of EDP’s Student Spotlight is focused on EDP students who are also resident assistants--Fred, Dana, Keli, and Carmelito - EDP Students who are also RAsKeli Cochran, University Commons; Dana Collier, Nixon Hall; Carmelito Deleon, Chautauqua Hall; and Fredrick Lee, Hendrix Hall.

One of the first people students meet when they come on campus is their resident assistant (R.A.). R.A.s are upperclass students who have lived in residence halls, have familiarity with all aspects of campus, and can help students feel at home.  R.A.s assist with roommate conflicts and academic concerns, and are there when students just want to talk or grab a bite to eat.  They must remain in good academic standing and keep their average above a 2.5.

For the over 2,400 students living on campus, there are 14 residence halls and a total of 68 resident assistants.  Of the 68 RAs, 4 are EDP students. 

Keli Cochran , a senior Communication-Communication Studies/Political Science/Legal Studies major from Cheektowaga, said “Being a resident assistant is like being the expert juggler—being able to give 100% to class, the job, extra-Resident Life office is in Gregory Hallcurriculars, family, and friends, without forgetting yourself.  For your residents you are the security guard, friend, confidant, stress-reliever, and mediator.  Resident assistants who love their jobs will take the challenges and perks and run with them.”

"I love the job and the people I work with. It has given me a great look into what I want to do with my future" said Dana Collier, a sophomore Psychology major from Cato.

"Life can become very overwhelming when you are a resident assistant, personal trainer, member of the men's rugby team, in clubs, and have to maintain a good academic standing in all of your classes,” said Carmelito Deleon, a sophomore Public Relations/Business major from Fulton, “but I feel like anything is possible if you keep your mind opened but focused. Motivation and determination are the keys to my success."

A senior Communication-TV & Digital Film major from Rosedale, Fredrick Lee said “Every star has its debut, but not every debut has its star.  Just like every residence hall has its help, your residence hall has you--each person being a unique sum of the equation.  Balance is a skill learned through years of juggling but determination and wisdom are learned not by those balanced moments, but by dropping the ball and picking two more up when you start again.  It is like going to the weight room and trying to figure out what weights to use.  You sift through,   work your way up, and get all the reps you can before it is over.” 

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