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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT - Two Women with (He)art and Soul

As the holiday season approaches and (for some of us) our seasonally appropriate creativity reawakens, the 2013 end-of-the-year Student Spotlight is featuring two of EDP’s imaginative and inventive students, Rebecca Chatterton and Brittany Matthews, who are both pursuing Bachelor of Art degrees in Visual Arts and New Media.

Ms. Chatterton came to Fredonia in fall 2011, having graduated from Oswego High School. Although Becca loves the work of contemporary realism painters Minjae Lee and Theresa Paden, who both use an impressionist color pallet, her aspiration is to concentrate in ceramics. Rebecca prefers hand building and feels that “working in such an incredible medium, I have discovered that ceramics is what I love.  I hope that in my last few years here at SUNY Fredonia I will find out where I would like to go with this love of clay. I know that no matter where I go, I will somehow submerse myself in art, because for me art is not a job, but a way of life!” She goes on to say: “The VANM department has really helped me to figure out my own uniqueness as an artist and a person. But that department has not been the only place to help me discover who I am and where I want to go. EDP has always been there for me in so many ways, guiding me in the right direction both financially and educationally. The staff and fellow students are incredible….always willing to help and be there for you.” Some examples of Becca’s work are here:
Rebecca Chatterton    Art work by Rebecca Chatterton   Rebecca Chatterton's art work
Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Brittany Matthews graduated from East Syracuse-Minoa High School in June, 2012, and began her freshman year that August after attending summer orientation. Inspired by winning coloring contests sponsored by Syracuse newspapers, Brittany started drawing and painting in high school and then began working with clay last year (2012) while at Fredonia. Although her preferred medium is painting with acrylic in a realistic style, her favorite art movements include Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Surrealism, with the late Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali being her favorites from the past. Currently she is both enthused and inspired by the graffiti street artist, Banksy, from the United Kingdom. When asked about making art, Brittany paused a moment and said: “I guess my process would be something that has to do with body image and feminism. Those subjects really interest me. And I always try to put my personal life and experiences into my art work.” Some examples of Brittany’s work are here:
Brittany Matthews art workBrittany Matthews' art work  Brittany Matthews' art work


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