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Helen Carreras Suchanick

Interview with Dr. Helen M. Carreras Suchanick, D.O.

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Originally from Dunkirk, Helen graduated as an honor senior from Dunkirk Senior High School in 1985 and then went to SUNY Fredonia where she formed her own major with the help of her advisor and friend, Dr. Kevin Fox, and other professors such as Mrs. Patricia Astry, Dr. Bruce Tomlinson, Dr. Ken Mantai, Dr. Moti Sharma, Dr. Clark Zlotchew, Dr. Wayne Yunghans, and Dr. Phil Kumler. They came up with a pre-med major that incorporated not only the biology and chemistry courses but also sociology, health care systems, and even some philosophy and other education courses. She graduated with a BA in Special Studies pre-med major in 1989. In 1990, Helen went to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 1994 with a Doctor of Osteopathy degree. From there, she completed a rotating Osteopathic Internship at Community General Hospital in Reading, PA, and then a family practice residency program at Community General Hospital/St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, PA. Her first job was at the St. Joseph Medical Center working as an assistant director of the family practice residency program overseeing the family practice residents, and also seeing her own patients. She continued working with moves to Titusville, PA, and Sterling, IL. Helen and her family decided to move back to the Dunkirk/Fredonia area where she is working now in family practice and has active medical staff privileges at Brooks Memorial Hospital. Her husband, Sam, is a carpenter and owner of S&S Quality Construction, and their two daughters are Kayla, 6, and Hannah, 5. “Many people did not believe I could do this dream of becoming a physician, which was my dream since I was 5 years of age; however, each and everyone of the professors I am recognizing and the EDP department all believed in me and knew that I could accomplish this dream. I am truly appreciative to all of them for recognizing me and awarding me with such an outstanding award.” --Helen M. Carreras Suchanick, D.O.

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