JEWEL - July EDP Workshop for Expanded Learning

Read about the 2013 JEWEL - July EDP Workshop for Expanded Learning - Dates for 2014 are TENTATIVELY July 10-25

2013 July EDP Workshop for Expanded Learning

The Educational Development Program sponsors a first-year workshop designed to acquaint new students with the university, its faculty, staff, and services. The 2013 July Workshop was held July 9-20.  It is viewed as the beginning of a learning experience which we hope will be culminated by formal and informal workshop sessions which include:    2013 JEWEL first-year students, peer advisors, and interns

  • An introduction to the philosophy, goals, policies, and procedures of the Educational Development Program in order to help the student become more familiar with the EDP Family.
  • A discussion of the policies and procedures governing financial assistance to help the student gain a better understanding of the financial assistance available to the student and how to utilize them.
  • A review of academic policies and expectations of the college to help the student become familiar and connected to Fredonia State.
  • Descriptions of various administrative and academic departmental offices and key personnel which will give the student an extra edge as they begin their college career.
  • Assessment testing to help the EDP staff become familiar with the student's academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Academic advisement to allow the student extra time to get to know their EDP counselor and how they can help them.   

2013 JEWEL - Team building at the College Lodge
     The July workshop is just the beginning of the on-going process that will help the EDP student excel in their academic standing. Required of all program students to attend the university's summer orientation advising program (SOAP) and the July workshop, it is found that they have a better idea of why they are here and what must be accomplished to be successful.

2013 EDP first-year attended SOAP July 8-9 where they registered for fall 2013 classes and participated in a variety of social activities and informational workshops.   Click here for more SOAP details. 


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