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Turnitin.com LogoTurnitin's plagiarism prevention system lets you effectively check all of your students' work in a fraction of the time necessary to scan a few suspect papers using a search engine.

Turnitin on ANGEL

You no longer need to have access to the Turnitin.com website to use Turnitin. ANGEL now has the option of adding a Turnitin drop box to the Lesson tab. This eliminates the need for a separate username and password for both the instructor and the students. All of the features that are available at Turnitin.com are available through ANGEL.

To Add a Turnitin Drop Box in ANGEL

  1. Go to the Lessons tab of the course you would like the Turnitin drop box in
  2. Click on the Add Content link
  3. Choose the Turnitin Drop Box option
  4. Fill in the necessary data and press Save.

When creating the Turnitin drop box there are many options available. For detailed instructions on each option download the ANGEL/Turnitin instructions.

Student Directions for Submitting a Paper

  1. Go to the Lessons tab of the course you would like to submit the paper to
  2. Choose the Turnitin Drop Box for that assignment
  3. Fill in the necessary data and press Submit

For more detailed instructions on submitting a paper download the ANGEL/Turnitin submission instructions.

Former Turnitin.com Instructions

If you are still using the Turnitin.com website we recommend that you begin using the Turnitin drop box in ANGEL. If you have already started the semester with Turnitin.com and would like to continue the directions below will guide you through the process.  

The following are the steps required to set up a new account, class, and assignment for Turnitin.com

  • Acquire a username and password for Turnitin.com
    Log on to FredQuest to request a username and password. Choose the following from the available menus:
    Affiliation: Faculty/Staff, Request Type: Software Applications, Classification: Turn-It-In. After your request is processed you will receive a username and password in your Fredonia email account.
  • Log in to Turnitin.com and reset your password
    A username and password will be sent to you via email
  • Create a class
    See the directions below for creating a class and an assignment
  • Create an assignment drop box for each assignment
    See the directions below for creating a class and an assignment
  • Give directions to your students about Turnitin.com
    Student directions are available for you to share with your students
  • Create an enrollment password or upload your course syllabus
    See directions below for both using an enrollment password or uploading a course roster
  • View originality reports to evaluate each student's paper
    Originality reports detail the results of each student's paper

Adding a Class and an Assignment Drop box

Written Directions: PDF ι Word
Video Tutorial:
Flash (Time: 2 min29 secs)

Uploading Student Roster to Turnitin.com

Written Directions

  • Downloading an ANGEL roster, editing, and uploading to Turnitin.com PDF ι Word
  • Uploading an existing roster PDF ι Word
  • Directions for Students PDF ι Word

Video Tutorials:

  • Downloading the Roster from ANGEL: Flash (Time: 1 min 23 secs)
  • Editing the Downloaded Roster: Flash (Time: 2 min 6 secs)
  • Uploading the Completed Roster: Flash (Time: 49 secs)

Having Students Self Enroll for Turnitin.com

Written Directions PDF ι Word
Directions for Students PDF ι Word
(There is a space on this form to include the class ID and class password. Be sure to add these items before distributing the material to the class.)


How to Use Originality Reports

Written Directions PDF ι Word

Student Directions

  • How to use Turnitin.com when the instructor enrolls the class PDF
  • How to use Turnitin.com when the student self enrolls PDF
  • Submitting a Paper to Turnitin.com PDF

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