James Lillin

James Lillin


James Lillin


James Lillin, superstar, is a fourth-year triple major at Fredonia. James, a Hamburg, New York, native, decided to apply to Fredonia after deciding college in New York City was too far from home. He was accepted into Fredonia as a BA Theatre major before deciding to add the English major during his freshman year and the Women’s and Gender Studies major in his sophomore year. It is difficult to imagine working toward three majors, but James has a plan to complete all of them by May 2018.

James decided to become an English major because of the wide variety of classes in the department, ranging from a critical reading course to a specialized Vonnegut course. He also joined for the love of creative writing, being able to write how he wants, and the fact that the professors give him such wonderful confidence in his writing.

On top of handling the coursework of three different majors, James also contributes lots of time and energy to the English department. James is the president of Writers’ Ring (“the best and only creative writing group on campus”); co-president of Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society on campus; and a staff writer for The Leader. He says that he loves being so involved in the English program on campus because “the clubs really match the passion of the people behind them.”

Writers’ Ring’s last event was a combined Poetry Slam on December 1st. It featured a normal poetry slam in which performers were given a judged score out of ten; the winner will be representing Fredonia at the Intercollegiate Poetry Slam in Rochester next March. The second half of the combined slam featured an “anti-slam” in which every single performer received a ten for his or her performance. James says this “encourages people to showcase their work in order to delve into their past to write poetry.”

Sigma Tau Delta is in the process of creating a prisoner outreach program, which will aid prisoners from the local Chautauqua County jail in expressing themselves through poetry.

Thank you for all you’ve done for Fredonia English, James, and for all you plan to do!

Here are some articles James has written for The Leader.