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Service-Learning 4th Credit Option

One-Credit Service-Learning Option

INDS 199, 299, 399, 499, 599, and 699:   "Service-Learning in **"

For example, INDS 199 "Service-Learning in ENGL 100"

Course Description: Used by instructors to provide students in a course with an optional service-learning experience. The purpose is to engage students with community partners in a way that is mutually beneficial, enhancing the learning experience of the students and addressing identified needs in the community.  Students will work on public service projects that are coordinated through the instructor. Successful completion of an approved service-learning contract is expected.  Note: To enroll in a particular section of this course, students must be enrolled in the anchor course that corresponds to that section.

Co-requisite: The anchor course (for example, ENGL 100) will be co-required for registration in the “4th credit” service-learning course.                      

Grading Mode: S/U

Contract: A service-learning contract will articulate course learning objectives, the student’s commitment to the community partner or to the public, and the students’ personal learning objectives. The completed and signed contract should be submitted electronically to Christina Jarvis.

Syllabus: There is no syllabus required for this one-credit course option. When possible, the course syllabus for the co-required anchor course should introduce the 4th-credit option to students. An effective description of the 4th credit option in the syllabus describes potential service-learning projects, explain how the service-learning project will enhance course objectives, and give students a deadline for completing the contract.

Procedures and resources for faculty interested in offering the 4th-credit option:

  1. Consult the Community Partners list to find relevant project ideas.
  2. If you would like to work with a community partner not currently listed with FACE, please contact the one of the FACE coordinators to initiate a new partnership. [For projects that engage students in public service that does not directly involve a community agency, the instructor and student should complete the contract.]
  3. Request a course offering with your chair, and complete the course offering form with the Office of the Registrar. Use the course number that corresponds with the level of the main course: INDS 199, 299, 399, or 499 for undergraduate course offerings; INDS 599 or 699 for graduate courses.
  4. The course offering form should be sent for approval to your appropriate dean or administrator.
  5. Explain the 4th credit option in the course syllabus and/or in early semester class meetings with students.
  6. Oversee the completion of the service-learning contract. Completed contracts should be completed electronically and emailed to Christina Jarvis.

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