Sample Portfolio Introduction

This portfolio comprises a semester’s worth of work in the Literacy and Technology ENGL 250 course at SUNY Fredonia.  The portfolio should be read as an overview of the importance of technology in the English classroom.  Also, it should be seen as an evolving set of documents.  As technology changes, so too must the pedagogy that surrounds it.

While I find that all the documents contained within this portfolio are important in their own ways, particular attention should be paid to the professional article and the lesson plan.  The teaching philosophy I have developed over the past semesters are played out in these documents.  Together, those two documents provide the highlights of what I have learned during this semester as well as previous semesters in the program.

As this semester progressed, my understanding of the utility of technology in the classroom grew with my understandings of the educational theories that surround them.  As the benefits of technology on student work production became clearer, my writings reflected that.  Upon reviewing the work that I have submitted in this portfolio, I find that it is consistent with educational theories (such as constructivist theories) and theories of education based around technology. 

Upon leaving this course, I will take away many of the benefits of the use of technology.  The practice lesson plans and demonstrations that class provided will help me in the development of future lesson plans as well as the revision of plans contained herein.  My future as a teacher will require that I keep these principles in high esteem.  These ideals follow very much the principles of my teaching philosophy.  In the end, teachers must never stop learning and must never stop trying new ways to reach their students in innovative ways.