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Mathematical Structures and Proof
MATH 210

Spring 2014

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MWF 8:40-9:50         MWF 11:00-12:20
  Fenton Hall 180           Fenton Hall 180    

Guidelines for submitting reading assignments
Guidelines for format of problem assignments
Proof techniques in a nutshell

Welcome to Mathematical Structures and Proof!

The textbook we'll use is available on ANGEL under the "Lessons" tab. I recommend that you print (at least parts of) the first two chapters out and put the sheets in a three-ring binder for ease of use.

Picture day will be Monday, January 27!

The grading of each problem assignment will include up to 3 style points. To earn style points, first your work must be organized clearly and typed properly according to commonly accepted mathematical format (e.g., in complete sentences). Here are some suggested guidelines for homework format (for which there is also a link above these NOTES). Second, if a solution is illegible, ambiguous, or incoherent, your style points will be reduced. Thus, you should give careful thought to how you present your work.

All PowerPoint presentations used in class will be available on ANGEL, often before class. (Look under "Lessons".) The presentation posted might not be exactly the one used in class, as the need to preserve surprises or include last-minute changes sometimes arises. Additional caveat: The PowerPoint presentation can never capture EVERYTHING that goes on in class or accurately replicate the classroom experience.

Web Resources

SUNY Fredonia Department of Mathematical Sciences Master Syllabus for MATH 210

New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards

A Mathematicianís Lament by Paul Lockhart -- Describes what mathematics and math education are really supposed to be about

Please let me know about any errors on the web pages for our course. Thanks!