Algebraic Geometry
MAED 543

Fall 2013

Monday & Wednesday 4:30-5:50
Fenton 108

The ANGEL page for MAED 543 is currently designated as the official web page for our course. So you won't find anything else here, except the links below.

Web Resources

The 100 greatest mathematicians of all time (in the opinion of a guy named James Dow Allen)
Personally, my list of greatest mathematicians has Newton at the pinnacle and Euler second.

The Mathematics Genealogy Project
Trace the "advisor lineage" of mathematicians all the way back to the 1600's! My mathematical ancestry includes Hilbert, Lindemann, Klein, Gauss, Dirichlet, Fourier, and Lagrange.

Who is Alexander Grothendieck?

Grothendieck at 80, IHES at 50

As If Summoned from the Void: The Life of Alexandre Grothendieck -- Part 1 and Part 2

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