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University Calculus I
MATH 122

Fall 2014

Section 1                                                     Section 2
Fenton 153                                                   Fenton 180
MWF 8:40-9:50                                         MWF 10:00-11:20

Exam 3 will be on Monday, December 1.

List of Section 1 Round 2 presentation examples (Updated November 12) - Four of you still need to make arrangements!

WebAssign guide -- Just the basics

We'll do online homework in this class using WebAssign. See the Webassign guide for instructions on accessing our WebAssign course.

Web Resources

Change We Can Believe In - article for the first assignment. The video of Michael Jordan's jump shot doesn't work, but you can find one with a quick search.

CalcsUnlimited - This site offers graphing calculator rentals at reasonable prices.

A map to calculus -- Although this is for a calculus course structured very differently from our own, it will be helpful for you to begin developing your own mental concept map for calculus.

WebAssign login page -- Use this to do your online homework.

Continuity and Infinitesimals article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy -- Gives an extensive history of the struggles and debates that raged as people tried to understand these concepts

Zeno's Paradoxes -- In Wikipedia

The Learning Center -- Math tutors here can assist you in learning calculus (once it opens on September 10).

Fredonia Counseling Center -- Services are free and confidential.

Official companion web site for our textbook -- contains online quizzes you can use for practice

Calculus: Modeling and Application -- An interactive, online, no longer free :( calculus textbook that provides a valuable alternate perspective to ours

Fredonia Department of Mathematical Sciences Master Syllabus for MATH 122
-- Contains additional information beyond our course syllabus, including detailed course objectives at UC-Davis -- Problems, tips, careers ... vast "Resources for the Calculus Student"

Eric Weisstein's Wolfram MathWorld -- Claims to be the web's most extensive mathematics resource

Karl's Calculus Tutor -- Try it, you'll like it! (If you can - It didn't work last time I checked....)

Includes Why Bother to Learn Calculus? -- Features actual student mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as flashcards and other resources

Mathemagic -- Includes some practice calculus exams

Fredonia Guidelines for Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning General Education courses (such as this course)

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