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University Calculus I
MATH 122

Fall 2014

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Fenton 153                                                   Fenton 180
MWF 8:40-9:50                                         MWF 10:00-11:20

WebAssign guide -- Just the basics

Welcome to University Calculus I!

We'll use the following textbook-- Jon Rogawski. Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Second Edition. W. H. Freeman and Company, 2012. You can access a digital version of the textbook on CourseSmart. There is a free trial available, and access for a year can also be purchased more cheaply than the physical textbook.

We'll do online homework in this class using WebAssign. See the Webassign guide for instructions on accessing our WebAssign course. In order make the grace period last through two weeks of classes, I set the course start date to be August 25. You won't be able to see the course until then.

Here is the article for the first assignment. The video of Michael Jordan's jump shot doesn't work, but you can find one with a quick search.

Web Resources

CalcsUnlimited - This site offers graphing calculator rentals at reasonable prices.

A map to calculus -- Although this is for a calculus course structured very differently from our own, it will be helpful for you to begin developing your own mental concept map for calculus.

WebAssign login page -- Use this to do your online homework.

Continuity and Infinitesimals article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy -- Gives an extensive history of the struggles and debates that raged as people tried to understand these concepts

Zeno's Paradoxes -- In Wikipedia

The Learning Center -- Math tutors here can assist you in learning calculus (once it opens on September 10).

Fredonia Counseling Center -- Services are free and confidential.

Official companion web site for our textbook -- contains online quizzes you can use for practice

Calculus: Modeling and Application -- An interactive, online, no longer free :( calculus textbook that provides a valuable alternate perspective to ours

Fredonia Department of Mathematical Sciences Master Syllabus for MATH 122
-- Contains additional information beyond our course syllabus, including detailed course objectives at UC-Davis -- Problems, tips, careers ... vast "Resources for the Calculus Student"

Eric Weisstein's Wolfram MathWorld -- Claims to be the web's most extensive mathematics resource

Karl's Calculus Tutor -- Try it, you'll like it! (If you can - It didn't work last time I checked....)

Includes Why Bother to Learn Calculus? -- Features actual student mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as flashcards and other resources

Mathemagic -- Includes some practice calculus exams

Fredonia Guidelines for Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning General Education courses (such as this course)

Please let me know about any errors on these pages. Thanks!