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University Calculus III
MATH 223

Fall 2012

Section 2
MWF 12:30-1:50
Fenton 180

WebAssign guide -- Just the basics

Your final exam will take place 1:30pm-3:30pm on Tuesday, December 18!

Here is the Review Sheet for the Final Exam. Maple files used in class and voting question files (with correct answers indicated) are posted on ANGEL. The (ungraded) assignment Additional review for final exam will be available on WebAssign. Review for Exam 1 and Review for Exam 2 have also been reactivated there.

PowerPoint presentations will sometimes be used in class. Files with regular PowerPoint will sometimes be posted on ANGEL (under "Lessons") by 5:30pm the day before class. The presentation posted might not be exactly the one used in class, as the need to preserve surprises or include last-minute changes sometimes arises. Additional caveat: The PowerPoint presentation can never capture EVERYTHING that goes on in class or accurately replicate the classroom experience. Files with clicker questions will be posted after class.

Web Resources

WebAssign login page -- Use this to do your online homework assignments.

The Learning Center -- Math tutors here can assist you in learning calculus.

SUNY Fredonia Counseling Center -- Services are free and confidential.

SUNY Fredonia Department of Mathematical Sciences Master Syllabus for MATH 223
-- Contains additional information beyond our syllabus, including detailed course objectives (It's a bit out of date, listing an old text.)

Interactive Gallery of Quadric Surfaces

Wolfram MathWorld -- Claims to be the web's most extensive mathematics resource

Please let me know about any errors on the web pages for our course. Thanks!