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History of Mathematics
MATH 381

Fall 2014

Tu Th 11:00-12:20
Fenton 180

Ideas for research topics

Proof techniques in a nutshell


Web Resources

Lost and Found: The Archimedes Palimpsest -- Walters Art Gallery companion web site to their exhibition of the palimpsest

Trisecting a Line Segment -- includes animations of four different constructions

Square root of 2 is irrational -- This page gives over twenty different proofs!

The Vision for Academic Affairs -- This explanation from (then) Vice-President Virginia Horvath of changes in the academic structure at SUNY Fredonia mentions the trivium and quadrivium on page 6!

Plimpton 322 -- image from the Mathematical Treasures section of the online history of mathematics journal Convergence

The Greatest Mathematicians of All Time (in the opinion of a guy named James Dow Allen)
Personally, my list of greatest mathematicians has Newton at the pinnacle and Euler second.

Fredonia Department of Mathematical Sciences Master Syllabus for MATH 381
-- Contains additional information beyond our course syllabus, including detailed course objectives

Mathematical Treasures from the online history of mathematics journal Convergence
-- Contains images and descriptions of many important historical documents and artifacts