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History of Mathematics
MATH 381

Fall 2013

Tu Th 11:00-12:20
Fenton 180

Proof techniques in a nutshell


PowerPoint presentations will often be used in class. The file, when there is one, will be posted on ANGEL (under "Lessons") either before or as soon as possible after class. Caveat: The PowerPoint presentation can never capture EVERYTHING that goes on in class or accurately replicate the classroom experience.

Web Resources

Lost and Found: The Archimedes Palimpsest -- Walters Art Gallery companion web site to their exhibition of the palimpsest

Square root of 2 is irrational -- This page gives over twenty different proofs!

The Vision for Academic Affairs -- This explanation from (then) Vice-President Virginia Horvath of changes in the academic structure at SUNY Fredonia mentions the trivium and quadrivium on page 6!

Plimpton 322 -- image from the Mathematical Treasures section of the online history of mathematics journal Convergence

The Greatest Mathematicians of All Time (in the opinion of a guy named James Dow Allen)
Personally, my list of greatest mathematicians has Newton at the pinnacle and Euler second.

SUNY Fredonia Department of Mathematical Sciences Master Syllabus for MATH 381
-- Contains additional information beyond our course syllabus, including detailed course objectives

Mathematical Treasures from the online history of mathematics journal Convergence
-- Contains images and descriptions of many important historical documents and artifacts