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Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP is a grant for New York State residents. It does not have to be paid back. Awards are based on New York State net taxable income and tuition charges. Final determination of awards is made as a result of the completion of the Express TAP Application (ETA) each year and funding levels are dependent on the passing of the New York State Budget.

Awards currently range from $413 to $4,908. These grants are available for a maximum of eight full-time semesters for undergraduates. Students must be attending full-time in a degree program. After receiving 4 semesters of TAP, students must also maintain a "2.0" average to continue their eligibility for the grant.

How do I get a TAP Application? Express TAP Application (ETA) will be mailed directly to you or is available on line at following the submission FAFSA data. Upon receipt of the ETA and passage of the New York State budget for the subsequent year, NYSHESC will mail a TAP Award Certificate to your attention. You can also view the status of your TAP award at

You must check the school code (Fredonia's Tap School Code is 0915) for the school you are attending, or the school you will most likely be attending, because the school you list first on the FAFSA will be the school the ETA will reflect.  If your first school choice has changed, you must complete a TAP Change Form available on-line at

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