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Doors to Success
The Campaign for Fredonia

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◊ Technology
◊ Study abroad
◊ Speakers
◊ Internships
◊ Leadership

Goal for Student Educational Enrichment: $2.5 million

  • More than ever, college graduates need to understand science, education, business, the global economy, other cultures, and environmental change.
  • While the most important things students learn may still be in the classroom, basic education now includes high technology, international experiences, ensemble touring, internships, and leadership programs.
  • The engagement of inspiring public figures as campus speakers continues to be essential as we open our students' minds to the roles individuals can play in the world around them.
  • Our ongoing development of Fredonia's international educational opportunities, including study abroad experiences, is one of the most exciting, yet expensive, aspects of a Fredonia education.
  • Internships give students hands-on experiences, whether they are paid positions or volunteer opportunities.
  • When traveling locally or internationally to perform or present research, our talented students gain experiences that open doors for the future.

Campaign News

College Foundation nearly 4/5 of way toward $15 million goal

Marvel Lobby dedicated to former teacher thanks to alumni gifts

'63 Grad creates scholarship, meets first recipient

Lake Shore Savings sponsors arts series with gift

All-Campus Appeal seeks faculty and staff support

Roberta Guaspari honors music faculty with endowment

Naming of Carnahan-Jackson Center honors gifts

Campaign kickoff announcement

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