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Doors to Success
The Campaign for Fredonia

Message from the Campaign Chairman, David H. Carnahan

David H. Carnahan

David H. Carnahan
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Joint Committee Members,
Fredonia College Foundation

Tiffany, Carnahan, Hefner
L to R: David Tiffany, Executive Director of the Fredonia College Foundation; David H. Carnahan, national chairman of the Doors to Success Campaign and chair of the Joint Committee; and Dennis Hefner, president of Fredonia.
board members
L to R: Deborah Kathman, Foundation Board Member; R. Bard Schaack, Foundation Board Member, and Carol A. Ward, '81, Immediate Past Chair, Foundation Board member.
Maytum, Coon
L to R: Kurt W. Maytum, Foundation Board Chairman; and Robert E. Coon, '50, Foundation Board Member.

"My knowledge of, and association with, Fredonia began through the Carnahan-Jackson Foundation grant to the Holland Land Company Project back in the early 1980's.

"In 1991, the Carnahan-Jackson Foundation awarded a grant as the lead gift in the first Fredonia Capital Campaign to establish scholarships, a fund in support of campus library and a special humanities fund to enhance enriched learning for students and the community. Since that time my work with Fredonia has deepened my appreciation for the talent and dedication of the faculty and staff at the university.

"As a Fredonia College Foundation Board member for the past decade, I have observed the many talents of students as a part of campus performances. I have met with them individually and as part of committee assignments. I have worked alongside students from Fredonia building houses for Habitat for Humanity. One, in particular remains in my mind and heart. She was a very dedicated Habitat builder who also served in a work study position and maintained a Dean's List academic level in the demanding biology and chemistry curriculum.

"Fredonia students are special. They are empathetic, caring citizens. They have talents in music and theatre arts, they are scholars of the first rank - even as undergraduates. They graduate and become leaders on the world-wide stage.

"It is students like this who go on to make a difference in the world. Fredonia has alumni who are MacArthur and Hughes Scholars in scientific research, Oscar recipients and nominees, world- wide opera performers, and teachers who win not only national awards, but who help individual students every day in their classrooms.

"There is a special beauty within the core of Fredonia that is hard to describe - but when a person gets to know students and faculty here and learn about alumni and meet them, it becomes very apparent that the specialness that begins on campus remains with the alumni for a lifetime.

"It is with great pleasure and solid sense of purpose that I accepted the position of Chairman of the Capital Campaign. I believe in Fredonia and its mission. I appreciate its dedicated faculty and staff and admire its students - knowing that, as alumni, they will be the leaders in the generations to come who will make a positive difference.

"I hope you will join me in supporting Doors to Success the Campaign for Fredonia.

"The doors we open today for students and programs at the campus will ensure the continuation of what makes Fredonia special."David H. Carnahan signature


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