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Doors to Success Campaign concludes with goal exceeded--thank you, donors!

Commencement 2008

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◊ Emergencies
◊ Opportunities
◊ Flexibility
◊ Priority needs

Goal for Unrestricted Endowments: $1 million

Unrestricted funds are especially helpful because they allow the university to address immediate priorities that range from day-to-day operations, to sudden emergencies, to rare opportunities that are not funded by the state.

The Doors to Success campaign will provide another $1 million to unrestricted funds, to be used to advance top priorities and enhance Fredonia's repuation for academic and extracurricular excellence. Campus leaders will disburse unrestricted funds to projects and programs of greatest need.

Donors who make urestricted gifts to Fredonia can be confident that their gifts will make an enormous difference to students, faculty, and staff, and will open new doors to success.

Campaign News

College Foundation nearly 4/5 of way toward $15 million goal

Marvel Lobby dedicated to former teacher thanks to alumni gifts

'63 Grad creates scholarship, meets first recipient

Lake Shore Savings sponsors arts series with gift

All-Campus Appeal seeks faculty and staff support

Roberta Guaspari honors music faculty with endowment

Naming of Carnahan-Jackson Center honors gifts

Campaign kickoff announcement


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