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Doors to Opportunity Pooled Funds

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Doors to Opportunity Pooled Fund

A gift of $1,000 gains entry into the Doors to Opportunity Pooled Fund, where donors will be acknowledged through use of either their name or the name of the account they are building.

Once a donor's cumulative giving to the account has reached the $10,000 level, the funds may be moved from their account in the pooled fund to a traditional Named Endowment.

Awards are made for the academic year beginning after twelve months have passed since the separation from the pooled fund in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement signed by the donor at the time of entry into the pooled fund.

Donors may also elect to leave their account permanently in the Doors to Opportunity Pooled Fund, even though their giving total to the account exceeds the $10,000 threshold required for a separate named endowment.

Doors to Opportunity Pooled Fund awards process:

Awards from the pooled fund are made in the name of the Doors to Opportunity Pooled Fund and divided between scholarships (at a minimum of 50 percent) and other priorities established by the Fredonia College Foundation Board of Directors.

Page modified 12/7/15