SUNY Fredonia Veterans Honor Roll

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“But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” --Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.

Saluting the men and women who have served our country


Joseph H. Andrasik Sr. (World War II)

Daniel A. Barr, Jr. U.S. Army (Operation Enduring Freedom)

Sgt. Jean Blackmore, SUNY Fredonia Class of 1982  U.S. Army

Ernest R. Brown U.S. Army (Korean Conflict)

James Richard Brown   U.S. Marine Corps (Korean Conflict)

David George Callis  ♦ U.S. Marine Corps

CMSgt Gerald M. Cheney (Ret.)   U.S. Air Force

Dallas Christopherson    U.S. Navy (World War II)

Col. David Correll  U.S. Army

Sgt. John David Correll U.S. Army

Lt. Gary S. Cross, SUNY Fredonia Class of 1983    U.S. Army, 2009 (Iraq, Joint Counter-Terrorist Task Force)

Henry "Pete" Davis     U.S. Army (World War II)

Angelo J. DiMarco     1st Ranger Battalion (World War II)

Sgt. Rodney G. Dimick  U.S. Army (Korea)

Richard Dimick  ♦  U.S. Army

Charles C. Eikenburg  U.S. Navy (World War II)

Michael Ellian, SUNY Fredonia Class of 1997     U.S. Army, June 12, 1997 – June 11, 2001

Richard Fole    U.S. Army

Maj. (Ret.) Dave Fountaine, SUNY Fredonia Class of 1979  U.S. Army, 1979 - 1992

George R. Frey     U.S. Army (Korea)

Pvt. James Duff Grant  Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 1st Battalion, British Expeditionary Force (World War I)

James F. Gerber  (World War II)

Robert S. Hartung Sr.  U.S. Navy, 1941 - 1944

William X. Holterback  (Korean War)

Markey W. Jimerson  U.S. Marine Corps (Vietnam War)

Thomas C. Kane    U.S. Army (World War II)

James Kaufman   1970 – 1973, Commander John W. Rogers Post 327

Capt. Christopher Kittle    U.S. Army (Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan)

Clyde Kittle      U.S. Army (World War II)

Capt. (Ret.) Holly Koester, SUNY Fredonia Class of 1981  ROTC, U.S. Army, 1981 - 1991

Col. (Ret.) Joy Koester, SUNY Fredonia Class of 1981 ROTC, U.S. Army, 1981 - 2008 (Iraq, Desert storm)

Ens. Thomas Kunego   U.S. Naval Reserves,  1934 – 1956, Killed in training

Arthur N. Lamb ♦  U.S. Navy (WWII—Normandy)

Col. (Ret) Thomas Linek  US Army Signal Corps  30 years

Pvt. James Maxwell    Tank Destroyers, Patton's U.S. Third Army (World War II)

Ira G. McBee    U.S. Navy (World War II)

MSgt. Robert McIntosh U.S. Marine Corps, 1972 - 1994 (Desert Storm)

Joseph J. Orlando  U.S. Army, air corps (World War II)

Alan L. Ott   ♦  1945 – 1947

Lt. Matthew C. Podolak  U.S. Army (Iraq)

LCpl. Todd J. Richenberg  Intel, US Marine Corps, 2007 – present

Paul F. Schaefer U.S. Army, 1951 - 1953

Neil C. Strong U.S. Navy (World War II)

J. Lee Tiffany U.S. Army (World War II)

James A. Trabert  (World War II)

Larry Wilson  U.S. Navy, 1943 - 1946 (World War II)

Maynard O. Winship    World War II

William M. Wilkinson     Navigator, 8th Air Force, 95th Bomb Group, 845th Bomb Squad,  wwii 1943 - 1945


Honor Roll of Donors
Military & Veterans Organizations


American Legion JW Rogers Post 327; Westfield, NY

VFW W.P. Jackway Post 6764
Westfield, NY

Dunkirk Veterans of World War II;  Dunkirk, NY

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