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Fredonia Plan 2006-2010

Fredonia Plan 2006-2010
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

Fredonia Plan, final 2/20/06

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The Fredonia Plan identifies a set of 21 action items designed to further improve campus performance in five strategic areas: student learning, scholarship and creative activities, campus diversity, technology, and image.  The overall goal of the plan is to make an excellent university even better.  

  • academic reputation--9th in the northeast according to U.S. News and World Report
  • exceptional graduation rates--7th in the nation for 4-year graduation rates according to the U.S. Department of Education,
  • use of technology within the classroom--1st in SUNY according to the SUNY Student Opinion Survey, and
  • improved campus diversity--tripled the absolute number of incoming students of color during the past nine years. 

The 21 action items listed in this plan represent a manageable number to be implemented over a five-year timeframe.  Some actions represent a greater emphasis on existing activities; others, entirely new initiatives.  Some involve better planning; others, greater consistency.   Some can be implemented without funds; others require a reallocation of existing funds or new funds. 

SUNY Fredonia has a reputation for embracing continuous quality improvement.  The Fredonia Plan, which will be evaluated annually to determine its effectiveness and to make any necessary changes, is further evidence of this university’s willingness to recognize areas for improvement and take the steps necessary to further strengthen the educational environment.  Five years from now, SUNY Fredonia will be a better university because of the actions recommended in this document.


Student Learning:

  1. Expansion and Coordination of Existing Student Engagement and Learning Initiatives
  2. Campus-wide Kickoff Event on Enhancing Fredonia’s Culture of Learning
  3. Center for Teaching and Learning Initiative
  4. SUNY Fredonia Culture of Learning Plan
  5. Incoming Student Learning Initiative
  6. Capstone Experience Initiative

Scholarship and Creative Activities:

  1. Enhancement of Faculty and Professional Staff Scholarship and Creative Activities
  2. Expansion of Joint Faculty/Student Scholarly and Creative Activities


  1. SUNY Fredonia Diversity Plan, 2006-2010
  2. Formation of Student Advisory Committee for Diversity
  3. Systemic, Integrated Diversity Programming
  4. Expansion of International Activities
  5. Recruit and Retain for Diversity in Students
  6. Faculty and Staff Diversity Recruitment and Retention


  1. Continuous Technology Upgrade Plan
  2. The Wireless Campus
  3. Single Gateway Initiative
  4. Best Practices Initiative


  1. Fredonia Footsteps Initiative
  2. Fredonia Choice Awards
  3. Marketing/Advertising Initiative

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