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Mapmaker Darren Weinstock

Geographic Information Systems
Darren Weinstock, alum '98
Business Administration Major
Alumni Affairs

Mapmaker Darren Weinstock

...positions himself in the marketplace

Darren R. Weinstock graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 1998 with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. He discovered the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program in his sophomore year at Fredonia. He quickly understood the value of GIS to answer multiple spatial questions within the business world. He went on to obtain an M.B.A. in 2000 from SUNY Buffalo. During the M.B.A. program, Darren’s passion for mapping became apparent to his classmates who started calling him "The Mapmaker", putting it to the tune of "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" from Fiddler on the Roof.

Today, Darren is a Marketing Analyst for Pitney Bowes Management Services, a division of Pitney Bowes, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. He utilizes GIS in many ways. He geocodes and analyzes customer locations, redistricts sales territories, uses hub-and-spoke modeling, plans for disasters, performs density mapping for critical mass support. His reports, of which significant parts are the result of his GIS analysis, are delivered to executive and mid-level management, and are used for strategic planning and tactical initiatives throughout Pitney Bowes.

Darren utilizes a variety of GIS tools, including the products of a recent Pitney Bowes acquisition, Group1 Software. The two tools are known in the GIS world as Centrus Desktop and Sagent Data Flow™. These tools allow Darren to geocode and perform transformations of the data before using the more common GIS software packages, such as MapInfo and ArcGIS. He presented one of his projects at the Group 1 User Conference in Washington, DC in 2005.

From the moment he first looked at the Fredonia course catalog, Darren was interested in how he could utilize GIS to differentiate himself in a very competitive marketplace. Today, he is known within Pitney Bowes, a Fortune 1000 company, as "THE" resource for GIS to deliver strategic and tactical reports. According to Darren, "GIS marries raw data with the practical application, while allowing me to look at the data from a different perspective that cannot be done from typical spreadsheets or graphs". He considers Dr. Ann Deakin as a critical influence and skill builder in his career, and truly appreciates her devotion to maintaining the GIS program at SUNY Fredonia. While many people may assume the GIS curriculum is geared to the Geosciences, Darren points out that they couldn’t be more wrong, "There are a multitude of applications in the business world, among others, that students have the chance to learn at SUNY Fredonia".

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