Update on Fredonia's initiative to go trayless

This year during Earth Week on Tuesday, April 20th, Fredonia will be participating in Trayless Tuesday in the Erie Dining Hall during their lunch hours. Come out and support the trayless movement!

Last year, a week before the big day, the staff at Erie Dining hall weighed in 115 pounds of food waste accumulated by 288 students simply during their lunch hours. On Trayless Tuesday, the same menu was provided and the staff went through the same procedure again to see if the motive of going trayless would cut down waste. That day. 289 students showed up for lunch and this time the food waste accumulated was 73 pounds. That's a difference of 43 pounds in food! The difference went down from 6.38 ounces per customer, to 4.05 ounces, all just by going trayless.

Page modified 12/7/15