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M.S. in Education: TESOL
(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

* This site offers basic guidelines for Degree completion. The department may have additional restrictions in addition to the information below. Please see the Graduate Course Catalog for more information.

Please note additional program requirements. For general admission requirements, please see the Application Procedures.

Tracks for the TESOL Program

There are three (3) tracks for the TESOL program, based on the candidate's prior qualifications, as follows:

Track 1. Candidates who have a Master's degree and who have initial/provisional or professional/permanent certification in an approved area may choose to complete the 36 credit hour program and receive a second Master's degree (36-credit-hour program) or the Certificate of Advanced Study (24-credit-hour program). The programs are described below.

Track 2. Candidates who have a baccalaureate degree and who have New York State initial/provisional certification in an approved area. These candidates must complete the 36-credit-hour program leading to the M.S.ED. in TESOL and N.Y.S. Certification K-12.

Track 3. Candidates who have a baccalaureate degree or a Master's degree in an area of Liberal Arts or Natural Sciences (for example, English, Modern Languages, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geosciences, Philosophy, Music, Art, Sociology, History, Political Science) and who do not have teacher's certification of any type. The College of Education will recommend eligibility and approval for admission is made by the Dean of Graduate Studies. These candidates must complete the 36 credit hour program leading to the M.S.ED. in TESOL and N.Y.S. Certification K-12, and must complete the following courses or requirements at either the undergraduate or graduate level, by advisement:

EDU 225 Developmental Development
Or, one of the following:
EDU 224 Adolescent Psychology
EDU 501 Advanced Study: Child Psychology
EDU 502 Psychology of Adolescence
EDU 250 and EDU 251 The Exceptional Learner
Or equivalent graduate course to be approved by the Dean of the College of Education.
EDU 349 Educational Psychology
Or equivalent graduate course to be approved by the Dean of the College of Education.
EDU 300 Safe Schools/Healthy Students
Fingerprinting Requirement.
Completion of the LAST and ATS-W and other pertinent New York State examinations for New York State certification.
Candidate must meet all existing and current requirements as mandated by the New York State Education Department and NCATE.

Course Requirements Hours
EDU 570 Using Educational Research to Improve Instruction
This course must be completed within the first 9 credit hours of graduate study.
EDU 519 Curriculum Theory for the Second Language
Classroom-ESL I
EDU 534 Curriculum Development for the Second Language
Classroom-ESL II
EDU 538 Cultural Literature 3
EDU 540 Content Area ESL 3
EDU 563 Cultural Perspectives or elective 3
EDU 564 Linguistic Considerations for ELL Students 3
EDU 565
EDU 566
Language and Learning-Psycholinguistics/Language Acquisition
Sociolinguistic Considerations for Educators of ELL Students
EDU 568 Foundations of Bilingual Education 3
Any course in the Psychological Foundations; Exceptional Children; Social, Historical, Philosophical, or Comparative Foundations; Cultural and Linguistic Diversity; and Content and Pedagogy as well as LOTE can be used as an elective if the course is not used to satisfy other requirements of this program.
EDU 671 Practicum and Seminar 3
EDU 690 Master's Thesis/Project 3

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