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Literacy Education - Birth to Grade 6

* This site offers basic guidelines for Degree completion. The department may have additional restrictions in addition to the information below. Please see the Graduate Course Catalog for more information.

This program leads to initial certification and a Master of Science in Education: Literacy Education Birth to Grade 6 degree, and results in the ability to teach as a reading specialist, a literary coach, or as a classroom teacher. The content of the program includes clinical work, action research, and opportunities to work with paraprofessionals and classroom teachers on mentoring strategies and professional development.

Initial certification to teach early childhood, childhood, or adolescence education in the public schools of New York State or equivalent early childhood, elementary, or secondary preparation required for program admission.

Please note additional program requirements. For general admission requirements, please see the Application Procedures.

Program Requirements Hours
A minimum of 36 credit hours of graduate level courses, including the following:
Clinical Courses: Nine (9) credit hours of Clinical courses, which are listed below, must follow the sequence as indicated. Majors in Literacy Education (Birth - Grade 6) will work with K-6 children.
1. Foundations I (12)
EDU 570 Using Educational Research to Improve Instruction 3
EDU 583 Individualized Literacy Instruction (Clinic #1) 3
EDU 587 Psychological Foundations of Literacy 3
EDU 652 Literacy Assessment 3
2. Foundations II (12)
EDU 506 Introduction to Literacy Instruction 3
EDU 579 Social Foundations of Literacy 3
EDU 613 Remediation of Literacy Difficulties (Clinic #2) 3
EDU 653 Diagnosis of Literacy Difficulties 3
3. Integrations (9)
EDU 510 Applications of Technology in Literacy Instruction 1.5
EDU 537 Children's Literature 1.5
EDU 586 Literacy in the Content Areas 3
EDU 655 Clinical Applications of Literacy Instruction (Clinic #3) 3
4. Capstone
The capstone occurs after the completion of 33 credit hours. Candidates have two options:
EDU 659
EDU 680
Master's Thesis/Project in Literacy
Master's Comprehensive Examination
Candidates selecting EDU 680 must also complete one of the 3 credit hour courses listed below with the approval of the advisor: (3)
EDU 588 Learning to Write: Pre-K to Grade 6 3
EDU 651 Issues and Research in Literacy 3

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